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In Memoriam - Fraser Fell

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Portrait of late Fraser Fell

Our former partner and colleague Fraser Fell passed away Thursday morning, April 23, 2020. Fraser was special as a lawyer, businessman and particularly as a person.

As a Fasken & Calvin partner Fraser provided quiet, strong leadership. His leadership was demonstrated at an early age. When C.C. Calvin died unexpectedly in the early 1960’s, Fraser and his partners were in their 30’s. Fraser received a call from Beverley Matthew, the senior partner of McCarthys at the time, suggesting that the Firm join McCarthys. The offer was rejected by Fraser and the others, including Walter Williston,  Robert Shirriff, Roger Wilson, Bob Tuer, Ron Rolls and Ron Robertson -- a very bold decision at that time.

Fraser was very successful in attracting and maintaining major clients. These include Placer Dome, Aetna Life, Royal Trust and Standard Broadcasting known as CFRB.

Fraser’s hallmark personal quality was his interest in helping people. There are so many Fasken lawyers who benefited from his support and encouragement. The same can be said of many young executives he met working for clients, of many doctors at the hospitals he was involved with or of persons he met socially. Fraser was universally loved, respected and admired. His lack of a personal agenda and his effective style led him to repeatedly be chosen to head up corporations or organizations -- Royal Trust/Gentra, Placer Dome and the Toronto Club, to name a few.

Fraser's concern for others was also displayed in the important roles he played in and his generous contributions to charities such as McMaster University and the Toronto Western Hospital. He played a key role in the merger of the Toronto Western and Toronto General Hospitals to form the University Health Network.

Fraser will be greatly missed.