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Media Coverage quotes Andrew House in an article on breach of candour to the court

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“Systemic Shortcomings” by Justine Ling, quotes Toronto/Ottawa lawyer Andrew House in an article on breach of candour to the court.

Andrew House, who spent five years as chief of staff to then-public safety ministers Stephen Blaney and Vic Toews, now serves as counsel at Fasken. He says that CSIS, in his experience, was “rights-affirming, precise, and if anything, hyper-vigilant about having proper legal authority to carry out its mandate.”

House recalls CSIS' efforts to convince the government it needed new legislative authority to conduct threat disruption measures, which were later the basis anti-terrorism legislation enacted in 2015. "So the claim that CSIS was cavalier or negligent about the authority required to break the law in certain instances doesn't square with my direct experience with the Service, he says. “It simply wasn't the character or disposition of the place.”

And yet, House notes, “we have this stark example to the contrary.”


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