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Le Devoir mentions Raymond Chrétien in an article about Washington in 1995

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“En 1995 à Washington, j’y étais!”, by Anne Légaré, Le Devoir

Le Devoir mentions Montreal lawyer Raymond Chrétien in an article on Washington in 1995.

Furthermore, according to FARA, Quebec was considered an agent of a foreign principal, and therefore an agent of Canada. Thus, Quebec's actions had to be approved by the Canadian embassy beforehand. In November 1994, Canada's ambassador, Raymond Chrétien, informed me personally of the constraints to which Canada subjected my actions: my freedom of movement was tolerated only in Congress; I was banned from residing in Washington and could only transit there for scheduled and supervised appointments; the office I headed in Washington was only a tourism mission; and in any contact I had with the U.S. government, I would have to be accompanied by an embassy representative.