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Daily Commercial News quotes Norm Keith in an article on urging Ontario to adopt safe work procedures

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“Keith urges written Safe Work Procedures for Ontario” by Don Wall, Daily Commercial News

Daily Commercial News quotes Toronto lawyer Norm Keith in an article on urging Ontario to adopt safe work procedures.

Veteran construction lawyer Norm Keith of the business law firm Fasken is urging Ontario to adopt an Alberta-style Safe Work Procedures regime as part of a series of reforms he says are needed to take the province to the next level in ensuring safe workplaces.

Keith, a management-side labour lawyer specializing in occupational health and safety law, offered comments in the wake of a recent string of deaths in Ontario’s construction sector. The recommendations he raised related mostly to long-standing gaps in Ontario health and safety policy.

“I can’t comment on the accidents but when you look at the big picture of this recent rash, you realize that there are at least three big things Ontario could have done a long time ago,” Keith said.

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