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The Best Lawyers in Canada 2016: 163 Fasken Martineau lawyers named

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Fasken Martineau  announced today that 163 lawyers were included in the 10th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada in 48 practice areas.

Toronto (Canada) - Fasken Martineau, a leading international business law and litigation firm, announced today that 163 lawyers were included in the 10th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada in 48 practice areas. This represents an almost 30% increase since the previous year’s results.
The following seven Fasken Martineau lawyers have garnered the sought-after "Lawyer of the Year" recognition in their respective regions: 


  • Geoffrey Cowper QC, Class Action Litigation in Vancouver
  • Isabelle Dongier, Immigration Law in Montreal
  • Laurence J. E. Dunbar, Communications Law in Ottawa 
  • John F. Grieve, Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law in Vancouver
  • M. Elena Hoffstein, Trusts and Estates in Toronto
  • Marina Pratchett QC, Construction Law in Vancouver
  • Virginia Schweitzer, Technology Law in Ottawa

The Best Lawyers in Canada named the following Fasken Martineau lawyers in their respective practice, including some who are ranked in multiple areas:

Aboriginal Law

  • Charles F. Willms
  • Kevin O’Callaghan

Administrative and Public Law

  • John A. Campion
  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Henri C. Alvarez, QC
  • René Cadieux
  • Charles F. Willms

Aviation Law

  • Avon M. Mersey, QC

Banking and Finance Law

  • Jean-Sébastien Dugas
  • Brian C. Kelsall
  • Jon Levin
  • Xeno C. Martis
  • Marc Novello
  • John W. Torrey
  • Brian Wright

Bet-the-Company Litigation

  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC

Biotechnology Law

  • Mathieu Gagné

Class Action Litigation

  • Andrew Borrell
  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC
  • André Durocher

Communications Law

  • Stephen B. Acker
  • Robert J. Buchan
  • Laurence J. E. Dunbar
  • Gerald Kerr-Wilson
  • Leslie J. Milton
  • J. Aidan O'Neill
  • Stephen P. Whitehead

Competition / Antitrust Law

  • Huy A. Do

Construction Law

  • Helmut K. Johannsen
  • Marina Pratchett, QC

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

  • Mark D. Andrews, QC
  • Tracey M. Cohen
  • Simon R. Coval
  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC
  • Robert S. Harrison
  • Christian Leblanc
  • Pierre Y. Lefebvre
  • Andrew I. Nathanson
  • Gerald L. R. Ranking
  • Samuel R. Rickett

Corporate Governance Practice

  • William K. Orr

Corporate Law

  • Diane Bertrand
  • Robert D. Chapman
  • Stephen Erlichman
  • Jean M. Gagné
  • Jon Levin
  • William K. Orr
  • Robert Paré
  • Virginia Schweitzer

Criminal Defense

  • Patrick F.D. McCann

Defamation and Media Law

  • Christian Leblanc

Director and Officer Liability Practice

  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC

Energy Law

  • Ron Ezekiel
  • Paul C. Wilson

Energy Regulatory Law

  • Peter Feldberg
  • Matthew Ghikas
  • Jonathan M. Liteplo
  • André Turmel

Environmental Law

  • Rosalind H. Cooper
  • André Durocher
  • Robert M. Lonergan
  • Pierre B. Meunier
  • Paul C. Wilson
  • André Turmel

Family Law

  • Anna Laing

Franchise Law

  • Darrell Jarvis

Immigration Law

  • Isabelle Dongier

Information Technology Law

  • John P. Beardwood
  • Keith E. Spencer
  • Bruce Tattrie

Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law

  • Luc Béliveau
  • John F. Grieve
  • Aubrey E. Kauffman
  • Alain Riendeau

Insurance Law

  • Robert W. McDowell

Intellectual Property Law

  • Julie Desrosiers
  • Gerald Kerr-Wilson
  • Marek Nitoslawski

International Arbitration

  • Henri C. Alvarez, QC

International Trade and Finance Law

  • Peter E. Kirby
  • Clifford Sosnow

Labour and Employment Law 

  • Louis P. Bernier, Ad. E.
  • Brian W. Burkett 
  • John Craig
  • Martin Denyes 
  • Robert Dupont
  • Rolland Forget
  • Douglas G. Gilbert
  • Bruce R. Grist
  • Charles G. Harrison
  • Richard Lacoursière
  • Richard Martel
  • David T. McDonald
  • Ronald J. McRobie
  • Brian A. O'Byrne
  • Kevin P. O'Neill, QC
  • Rhéaume Perreault
  • Brian P. Smeenk
  • Karen Sargeant
  • Claire Vachon

Legal Malpractice Law

  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC

Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law

  • Blair Horn

Media Law

  • Christian Leblanc

Mergers & Acquisitions Law

  • Aaron J. Atkinson
  • Carl Bélanger
  • Blair Horn
  • Jonathan A. Levin
  • Iain Mant
  • William K. Orr
  • Robert Paré

Mining Law

  • Andrew Gabrielson

Mutual Funds Law

  • Stephen Erlichman
  • Garth J. Foster
  • John Kruk

Natural Resources Law

  • Michael J. Bourassa
  • Frank Mariage
  • Robert L. Shirriff, QC
  • John Turner

Personal Injury Litigation

  • William T. Morley, QC

Privacy and Data Security Law

  • Alex Cameron

Product Liability Law

  • Jonathan F. Lancaster
  • Martin F. Sheehan

Project Finance Law

  • Brian C. Kelsall
  • Xeno C. Martis
  • John W. Torrey
  • Donald J. Weaver

Real Estate Law

  • Craig R. Carter
  • Andrea Centa
  • Richard J. Clare
  • Martin Emmons
  • Nicolas Leblanc
  • Denis Paquin
  • Barbara Vanderburgh

Securities Law

  • Geoffrey Cowper, QC
  • H. Garfield Emerson, QC
  • David A. Hausman
  • Blair Horn
  • Jon Levin
  • William K. Orr
  • Robert Paré
  • Steve Saville

Tax Law

  • Claude Auger
  • François Barette
  • William J. Bies
  • Michael Coburn
  • Kathleen S.M. Hanly
  • M. Elena Hoffstein
  • Claude E. Jodoin
  • Alain Ranger
  • Alan M. Schwartz, QC
  • Christopher Steeves

Technology Law

  • Robert D. Chapman
  • Virginia Schweitzer
  • Keith E. Spencer

Transportation Law

  • Avon M. Mersey, QC

Trusts and Estates

  • Leopold Amighetti, QC
  • Howard M. Carr
  • Edgar A. Frechette
  • M. Elena Hoffstein
  • Anna Laing
  • Helen H. Low, QC
  • Corina S. Weigl

Workers' Compensation Law

  • Douglas G. Gilbert

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