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Client Work

Alboini and Northern Financial Corporation v. John Doe, [2006] 06-CV-317400 PD1 (Ont. S.C.J.) per C. Campbell J.

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Defendants sometimes try to wrap themselves in the cloak of anonymity that the Internet is thought to provide. Fasken Martineau lawyers have extensive experience dealing with litigation in this area and have repeatedly successfully obtained orders to compel website hosts and ISPs to reveal information about their otherwise anonymous users. A recent example concerned anonymous defamatory statements being made against a publicly traded company and its CEO on an Internet bulletin board dedicated to their business. In Vic Alboini and Northern Financial Corporation v. John Doe, Jane Doe and Jim Doe, [2006] 06-CV-317400 PD1, an order was granted on August 25, 2006 to compel a website and Internet service providers to disclose information in an Internet defamation case. Berkley Sells acted as counsel for the plaintiff.