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Inukshuk purchases Canadian spectrum from Craig Wireless Systems for US$80 million

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Inukshuk Wireless Partnership

Inukshuk Wireless Partnership, a partnership of affiliates of Rogers Communications and Bell Canada, entered into an agreement with subsidiaries of Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. dated March 26, 2010, relating to the purchase by Inukshuk of all of Craig Wireless' Canadian spectrum licenses in Manitoba and British Columbia. The spectrum licences consisted of broadband radio service licences and multipoint communications system licences, and they were purchased in a series of closings that began in April 2010. The final licence was acquired by Inukshuk in August 2010. The total proceeds paid by Inukshuk to Craig Wireless for the licences was $80 million. Inukshuk was represented by Fasken Martineau with a team comprised of Stephen Whitehead, Laurence Dunbar, Leslie Milton and Stephen Acker from the Ottawa office.


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