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Client Work

Kidner v. Totem, 2017 BCSC 205

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Kidner Investments Ltd.

Kidner v. Totem, 2017 BCSC 205
Our client, Kidner Investments Ltd., successfully sought a just and equitable winding up of a company in which they were 50% shareholders, on the basis of oppression and unfair prejudice, pursuant to the provisions of the B.C. Business Corporations Act. The company had previously operated a car dealership, but at the time of hearing, the company’s only remaining asset was the property on which the car dealership had previously operated. The property was located in the Cambie corridor and had increased substantially in value from the date of purchase. The Respondent had refused to sell. Pursuant to the terms of the Court Order, the property has now been sold.
Tracey Cohen, QC, acted for Kidner Investments Ltd.