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Client Work

Razo v. Essilor Canada, 2017 BCHRT 133

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Essilor Canada Ltd.

Helen Razo complains that her employer, Essilor Canada did not let her return to work because of her physical disability in violation of the BC Human Rights Code. Razo suffered a workplace accident in September 2013 while working at a different job at Vancouver General Hospital and was cleared to return to work at Essilor in October 2015. Razo alleged that Essilor advised her there was no job for her and told her to quit. Essilor argued that Razo contacted them in September 2015 advising them that she was not coming back to work and submitted a written resignation. The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal decided that despite the existence of conflict in the evidence, the complaint had no reasonable prospect of success. The Tribunal found that Razo has no reasonable prospect of establishing that her disability was a factor in the adverse consequence which she has asserted or that the adverse impact she suffered arose from an act of omission of Essilor Canada.

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