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Client Work

Lau v. Royal Bank of Canada 2017 BCCA 253

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Royal Bank of Canada

In 2015, the complainant sought damages for wrongful dismissal after his employment with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) was terminated. He was dismissed from his job after a client complained and it was discovered that he had been mistracking sales as “new money.” The complainant testified that he  “felt lost” after the termination and was awarded damages.
In 2017, RBC argued that there was an “absence of any evidence to support such an award.” The Justice concluded that there was no suggestion that Lau was being harassed or mistreated during his termination and that the complainant did not suffer any damages beyond hurt feelings. It was concluded that claim to aggravated damages rested on an unsubstantiated claim, and the Justice allowed the appeal on behalf of RBC and set aside the award for aggravated damages.

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