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Navigating a Changing Global Landscape

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The political landscape across the globe is shifting. With changes in U.S. leadership, UK-EU membership, and in international trade relationships, the business landscape cannot help but be altered by the new Trump Administration and the Brexit vote.

Global trade relationships are being tested from every side as trade partners are questioning the outcome and benefits of globalization. Canadian businesses are feeling the impact of these shifts and the legal and business risks they create. With a changing environment also comes the potential for opportunities.

We know and understand that you have important questions about crucial issues, including:

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Fasken lawyers are watching and analysing developments in all these areas closely. We are reporting to our clients, colleagues, and partners in the business community with timely insightful analysis and updates as we move into uncertain, but also potentially game-changing, times for many businesses.

We routinely advise public and private sector clients on a wealth of issues including international trade, tax, labour and immigration, information technology and intellectual property law, investment review, corporate restructuring, agri-business and infrastructure, to name but a few. Our clients range from federal and provincial government agencies, quasi-government/state-related entities, to some of the world’s largest multinational companies, to small- and medium-sized businesses. In doing so, we have developed deep expertise in a diverse array of industries including, but not limited to, energy, telecommunications, banking and aviation.  

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