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Climate Change


Fasken has been providing a broad range of legal advice to regulated entities and carbon market participants for over 20 years.  We analyze policy and assist with strategy.  We help proponents and investors with offset projects, and to trade carbon and other environmental commodities.  We also assist with compliance, reporting and corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Whether your goals are to assess and manage carbon risk, reduce emissions, participate in carbon markets, innovate business strategy or stay ahead of government regulation, we can help.


We assist with carbon exposure analysis and advise on mitigation strategies that align with government regulations and business priorities. We also negotiate procurement, supply and sale of carbon offsets and other environmental commodities. We also advise on financing for low-carbon and renewable energy projects.


While a regular part of our work is helping clients meet regulations by monitoring policy and advising on disclosure obligations, we know that the industry is interested in more than just compliance.  We’re working with clients who are developing cleaner processes, reducing emissions and entering into joint ventures and other initiatives to capitalize on sustainable,  carbon opportunities.


Our clients include manufacturers, technology companies, real estate and natural resource companies, regulators, carbon project originators, aggregators, buyer and sellers, as well as financial institutions and banks.


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