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Startup and Emerging Company Services

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As entrepreneurs grow their business, they grapple with limited time, liquidity and familiarity with an increasingly complex legal environment. This can affect the development and commercialization of their technology and products in Canada and abroad.


We continuously innovate to cater to your evolving needs as demonstrated by ViaFasken, your one-stop web-based access point to everything legal in your company - from your minute book, to our suite of technology-related template agreements and precedent documents, your data room, and more.  We are also breaking new ground as the only full service law firm with an in-house Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jeff Dennis, who provides strategic direction as you move through various stages of development.


Our start-up clients are always at the forefront of the emerging technology sector, whether as business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) plays or as actors in the MedTech, BioTech, CleanTech, blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence and other industries.


We work with start-up companies and early stage entrepreneurs as well as angel, venture capital, private equity and public venture capital firms. Clients usually engage us early on during the development cycle of their product or service.


We are strong supporters of the startup community and we have partnerships with key stakeholders such as universities, local accelerators, including Centre4Growth in British Columbia, FounderFuel in Montreal, OneEleven in Toronto and many other industry-specific organizations. Collaboration and access to networks can be a tremendous advantage for our startup clients. 


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