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We have an in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, and the skills and knowledge necessary to guide you on all the legal issues facing OEMS, auto suppliers and dealers, including product liability, class actions, environmental, regulatory, privacy, competition/antitrust, intellectual property, licencing, dealer disputes,  contracts, government relations, international trade, and tax and labour and employment.
We have acted for decades for OEMs, distributors/importers, suppliers, vehicle component manufacturers and dealerships. 
We have extensive experience in dealing with environmental and regulatory matters, and negotiating with regulators and enforcement agencies, with whom we have strong relationships. We routinely work with US counsel handling parallel issues with agencies such as the EPA.
We are at the forefront of issues affecting the automotive sector. We anticipate issues in new areas and help you plan for and address major trends and developments. Trust us to advise you on strategic matters such as technology, privacy, and new business models.  

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