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Meese AI

With Meese AI, we are incubating and using artificial intelligence to enhance the work of our lawyers, and to increase quality and reduce costs for the benefit of our clients. Meese AI has developed an artificial intelligence platform that helps lawyers automate, enable and enlighten legal tasks.

Meese AI uses machine learning and natural language programming to assist lawyers in creating client deliverables. The Meese AI platform integrates with all aspects of legal work. Its leading edge technology allows it to:

  • understand legal data
  • highlight possible improvements within documents
  • provide the user with more insight into their work

The current version of the AI platform includes a powerful proof reading tool that identifies drafting issues and a smart knowledge management tool that searches precedent clauses and allows for lawyers to curate their own precedent databases. With less time spent on repetitive tasks, more time can be spent on complex issues adding to the strategic value that clients expect.

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