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Personal Tax Planning & Wealth Management


Wealth preservation plans that are effective and reflect your priorities.


Many of our clients own businesses, real estate and other assets – sometimes in multiple regions or countries. We work with them to transfer those assets to other family members or executives, or to third parties.


We work to understand our clients priorities and interests and develop plans to implement them. This might include advising on insurance-based products, the use of family trusts and other structures.


Tax planning and wealth management often benefits from expertise in other specialized areas such as family law, elder law or business and real estate law. The integrated team at Fasken will work together and with your preferred advisors, communicating with you throughout the process to create a comprehensive, reliable strategy that meets your objectives.


Review our microsite for further details about the advantages of working with one of the top rated legal teams in Canada. Then call us to discuss how we could help you reach your goals.

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