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Client Work

Legal advisory work

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The majority of René's work in this area involves "regulatory law", being the variety of statutes that apply in any given context. Examples of legal advisory work performed are provided below. Long Form Filing under Part IX – Notifiable Transactions of the Competition Act. Various Short Form Filings under Part IX – Notifiable Transactions of the Competition Act in the Financial Services, Aluminium, Communications and Paper Machine sectors. Implementation of compliance program under the Competition Act with audit of Québec operations of Québec undertakings. Implementation of the Francization Program under the Québec Charter of the French Language. Review of promotional contest regulations before the Québec Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (with review of Criminal Code and Competition Act provisions). Counsel on the constitutional implications of the power to make interim and final prohibitory orders and to detain mail under sections 43 to 47 of the Canada Post Corporation Act. Counsel on the Québec system of recycling single-use carbonated beverage containers and the constitutional implications of imposing a levy (deposit) without delegated legislative authority. Various opinions on Arbitration, Private International Law, Québec's Charter of the French Language, Consumer Protection Act, Federal packaging & labelling and weights & measures requirements, Food and Drug Act, Tobacco Legislation (in relation to the conduct of the Montréal F-1 Grand Prix), Government Procurement, provincial Milk Marketing Board requirements, Transportation (Aircraft; Harbours), Competition Act, Crown Liability Act, Financial Administration Act (Federal – Part X: Crown Corporations and the Québec equivalent legislation), State Immunity Act, National Defence Act, Official Secrets Act and NAFTA (Chapter Eleven).