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Start-up and emerging technology companies need experienced advice, creative legal thinking, efficiency and convenience. Key decision makers might be located anywhere across the globe, and they’re often on the move.  

ViaFasken is a secure, web-based portal for smaller companies that want to grow. All content is customized to your company and stored in a “one-stop” location.

Clients use it to:  

  • Automate document creation and collaboration
  • Access training and information about specific legal issues
  • Hire personnel and manage performance
  • Raise capital and structure deals
  • Structure commercial contracts and agreements
  • Visualize decision outcomes and review at-a-glance data
  • Manage intellectual property
  • Budget legal services cost-effectively
  • See the latest activity and easily contact your Fasken team  

Learn how ViaFasken helps innovative clients grow. Contact any of our regional lawyers to get started.