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Financial Services

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The pace of innovation and change in the financial services marketplace requires participants to adapt. At the same time, regulation continues to evolve and expand.

Fasken has one of the leading and most active bank and insurance regulatory practices in the country as it advises in the top tier of both industries - a unique fact among Canadian law firms.

On the bank side, we advise the largest of the domestic Canadian banks, many of the commercially-owned Canadian domestic banks, foreign banks, foreign bank branches and credit unions. On the insurance side, we advise the leading property and casualty insurers in Canada as well as numerous life insurance companies and reinsurers.

The strong relationship that Fasken has with all of these major industry players has put us at the forefront in advising on the products and services currently offered and adapting them to change.

We have a strong presence in the credit card space as we provide advice to many of the largest credit card issuers in Canada. We have expertise on loyalty programs, co-brand programs and consumer disclosure.

We are often the “go to” counsel for industry associations in the financial services space on critical regulatory and policy matters that affect their industries.

Fasken is also a significant adviser in the fintech space. Fintechs come to us because of our deep knowledge of the whole regulatory environment and the products and services offered with a view to guiding them through those regulations - hopefully, so that they need not be regulated as the next generation of financial services products continue to emerge.



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