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Employment Standards


Minimum standards for employment are regulated by either provincial employment standards laws or the Canada Labour Code for federal employers. Fasken Martineau’s labour and employment lawyers have extensive experience advising on employers’ legal obligations.

Employment standards regimes set out basic entitlements for employees such as wage rates, vacation, holiday pay and overtime entitlements, none of which may be reduced by individual contract although differing collective agreement provisions may be permitted. These regimes also impose liabilities and restrictions on employers arising out of closures, sales and other events giving rise to terminations. Directors and officers may be personally liable for unpaid wages and for statutory penalties.

We have extensive experience advising employers and officers and directors on meeting obligations, obtaining variances, and avoiding liabilities and penalties as businesses are developed and reorganized.

Our Expertise

  • Comprehensive advice relating to employment standards issues, including wages and hours of work
  • Drafting and review of policies
  • Compliance training and audits
  • Advice and strategic planning regarding individual and mass termination issues
  • Advice regarding leave of absence policies and issues and statutory re-employment obligations
  • Representation of employers at all levels of tribunals and courts regarding employment standards matters