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Doing Business in Canada

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The laws and political climate of a country work in tandem to create the environment within which business enterprises operate. Canada's federal and provincial governments have together created a highly favourable atmosphere, one in which international businesses can flourish.

Fasken's Doing Business in Canada provides a concise and practical overview of the country's legal and regulatory environment. This comprehensive guide highlights the crucial issues affecting US or foreign businesses considering Canada as part of their international strategy.

In addition to providing an insightful preamble to the business and investment environment, Fasken's internationally-recognized lawyers impart timely information about all legal aspects of Canadian business operations.

Guide Chapters

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  1. The Canadian Business and Investment Environment
  2. Establishing a Business in Canada
  3. Investment Policy
  4. Competition/Antitrust Law
  5. Acquiring a Canadian Business
  6. Financing a Business Operation
  7. Taxation
  8. Labour & Employment
  9. Pension & Employee Benefit Plans
  10. Directors' and Officers' Liability
  11. Executive Transfers and Immigration
  12. Privacy and Anti-Spam Laws
  13. Protection of Intellectual Property
  14. Information & Communications Technology
  15. Franchising
  16. Establishing a Business in Québec: Practical Considerations
  17. Dispute Resolution
  18. International Trade Law
  19. Procurement
  20. Indigenous Law
  21. Government Relations
  22. Government Ethics, Transparency and Political Law
  23. National Security Law
  24. Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Considerations
  25. Real Estate
  26. Life Sciences
  27. Agribusiness
  28. Cannabis

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