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Business in Vancouver quotes William Westeringh in an article about the new Fasken office in Surrey BC

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"Keeping up with the condos in the city of Surrey" by Patrick Blennerhassett, Business in Vancouver.

Business in Vancouver quotes Vancouver Partner, William Westeringh Q.C, in an article about the new Fasken office in Surrey BC, and business growth in the Fraser Valley.

William Westeringh, managing Partner for Fasken's B.C. region, said the firm picked Surrey because the economic viability of establishing a business in the city is increasing with its population.

"We're a business law firm, so if it were just the population that was growing, and not the business sector then that would be of less appeal, just to the individual people living here," said Westeringh. "What we're seeing is growth in business in Surrey and in the Fraser Valley and the sophistication of services those companies are offering."