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PLEASE NOTE: For everyone’s safety, Fasken recommends anyone on-site at our Canadian offices be familiar with the COVID-19 recommendations in place which may include one or more of the following: social distancing, hand sanitizing, wearing a mask in common areas and proof of full vaccination. These measures apply to lawyers, staff, clients, service providers and other visitors.

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Analysts anticipate India will have the world’s third largest economy by 2020, behind only the U.S. and China. A modernizing economy driven by one of the youngest and increasingly well-educated work forces in the world positions India well for continued economic growth and diversification. As a result, India is attracting unprecedented levels of foreign investment from around the world and increasing its exports across all industry sectors.

Canada is uniquely well equipped to forge highly impactful economic and business relationships with Indian companies and Fasken has the experience and expertise to facilitate such cross market relationships and transactions.

With Canada having more than 1,000,000 Indo-Canadian citizens, an economy that is symbiotic with that of India, and both countries being strong common law democracies, the two countries have the requisite economic and social determinants to become important trade and investment partners. 

Fasken has developed a strong network of professional services firms in India that ensures its ability to effectively assist Canadian companies seeking to do business in India and with Indian companies and to assist Indian companies seeking to do business in Canada or with Canadian companies. We have extensive experience in cross market transactions including technology licensing, joint ventures, and business acquisition transactions, both large and small. 

Transactions in connection with which we have been counsel span many industries including financial services, life-sciences and biotech, information technology, outsourcing, mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and nuclear energy. 

Our national team includes Indo-Canadian professionals who speak several different official Indian languages. 

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