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The industry is no longer typified by a single-franchisee operation or a few exclusive locations. Now, franchisees typically operate more than one location and, sometimes, more than one type of business.

We create master franchise arrangements, negotiate initial and renewed franchise agreements and structure diversified programs, such as the franchise of products within another business or conversion of company operated units to franchised units.


Fasken helps foreign and cross-border franchisors adapt their systems to enter the Canadian market; we advise on the application of corporate policies to local employee, health and safety, consumer protection and marketing regulations. As a growing number of franchisees prepare for retirement, we are frequently consulted in assisting with succession planning.


Apart from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, we are also called upon to work on corporate restructuring, insolvency proceedings, default enforcements, franchise rescission and franchisee/franchisor disputes, distribution and supply agreements and all types of commercial lease arrangements or site acquisitions.


Fasken’s litigators have represented clients in landmark litigation, including a 13-year dispute that defined and clarified the nature of franchisor-franchisee relations in Québec and secured the largest franchise award in Canadian history.


Our expertise is distinguished by its national scope and decades of experience. Our lawyers advise the country’s most sophisticated franchisee association and we’ve represented brands such as White Spot, Cara Operations, Midas, Mr. Lube, Première Moisson, l’Aubainerie, Canadian Tire, Dealer’s Association and Dunkin Brands.


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