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Paid Training | In-Person Seminar

What to do When the OHS Inspector Arrives

When an OHS Inspector/Officer arrives at the workplace, many employers and their managers do not know what their rights are. This seminar was designed specifically at the request of clients to understand their rights and responsibilities when an OHS Inspector/Officer arrives for a routine inspection, workplace complaint, work refusal, or an accident investigation.

The rights and responsibilities of employers and management when an OHS Inspector/ Officer arrives in this half day seminar will include:

  • Review of OHS Inspector/Officer's legal authority
  • Understanding reporting obligations when there is a workplace accident or fatality
  • Charter rights to be free from unreasonable search seizure
  • Charter right to retain and instruct legal counsel
  • OHS Inspector/Officer's power to issue orders
  • Employer's right to appeal OHS Inspector/Officer's orders


Managers, supervisors, OHS professionals in-house legal counsel and business owners.


Half day

Upcoming Dates

  • TBD


This half-day seminar costs $295 + HST per registrant.

To register, please contact Nick Fan, Marketing Events Specialist at