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Our Commitment to Reconciliation

Reconciliation requires us to learn more about our collective history, understand how that history continues to affect the present, and apply what we learn to our own language, conduct and actions. Our reconciliation plan focuses on key goals, takes meaningful actions towards truth and reconciliation and is a response to the call to action to corporate Canada.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Final Report published calls to action, some of which target the legal profession and the corporate sector. We recognized that we needed to do something in response to the calls to action and established a Reconciliation Action Plan Committee

On Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (September 30, 2021), Fasken launched a firm-wide Reconciliation Plan.  Our plan is built around eight different but interrelated goals: 

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Train Recruit and Retain Pro Bono Advocacy

Advance our individual and collective Indigenous cultural competency, including our knowledge and understanding of the histories, cultures, laws and practices of local Indigenous Peoples, the legacy of residential schools, and the ongoing process of reconciliation in Canada.

Attract, recruit, retain and advance Indigenous students, staff, and lawyers to and within the Firm, while fostering an inclusive, culturally welcoming workplace that supports growth, development, and advancement for all Indigenous firm members.

Provide pro bono and alternate fee services to Indigenous Peoples and organizations.

Declare our commitment, collectively and individually, to reconciliation and to advocacy for reconciliation in Canada generally, and in the legal community in particular.

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Procurement Acknowledgement Philanthropic Initiatives
Implement and Report

Support both local and national Indigenous businesses and artists through our procurement of goods (including art) and services.

Ensure that local Indigenous territories are appropriately acknowledged at Firm functions and that the Firm communicate positively, sensitively and supportively about Indigenous history and cultures.

Support Indigenous initiatives that advance reconciliation through our philanthropic efforts, including donations of time or money.

Transparently implement the Reconciliation Plan in a way that meets these goals, and report on our progress in meeting these goals. Seek out engagement opportunities with local Indigenous Peoples and organizations to advance our commitments under our Reconciliation Plan. Learn more about our plan and our commitment to taking action.

Learn more about our plan and our commitment to taking action.

Download our plan