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Artificial Intelligence

Fasken works with clients ranging from start-ups to established, multinational companies to determine how to navigate the rapidly evolving legal landscape surrounding AI innovations. We’ll help you get answers, whether your questions relate to the creation, protection, commercialization or acquisition of AI technology.
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From finance to healthcare, from supply chain to drones, developments in artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on our societies.


We create practical, cost-effective legal strategies for companies that are focused specifically on AI technology. This includes strategies and agreements pertaining to the acquisition, the use of datasets and ownership and also the use of data and outputs generated by AI applications. Patent strategy is also a key focus.


We regularly advise on copyright and privacy issues surrounding datasets and AI outputs as well as other regulations surrounding AI in different industries, including the healthcare industry.


We aim to be thought leaders with respect to emerging legal matters involving AI. Members of our team lecture or publish regularly on ethics, privacy, intellectual property and other legal issues pertaining to AI. We often network across our eight offices and many practice areas to collaborate as developments progress in this field.


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