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Pay Equity


Many employers are not fully aware of their obligations under federal and/or provincial pay equity legislation(s) and that their organization may not compliant. Yet, the risk for potential financial liability is significant. 

There is no time limitation under the Pay Equity Act for past liability arising from a failure to comply. The best way for an organization to protect itself is to proactively assess its compliance status periodically, address any compliance concerns, put in place a plan to achieve and maintain compliance, while documenting all such actions. 

As Canada’s leading Labour & Employment law firm, Fasken has developed fixed fee solutions to help

We’ll work with you to assess your compliance status and assist in creating a comprehensive plan to achieve pay equity, and prevent problems before they occur. We can also, if necessary, help you prepare for and respond to audits, investigations or allegations of systemic discrimination, in order to mitigate:

  • Historical, and protect against future, financial liability, and
  • Reputational and brand damage

Our Assessment & Strategy package

Employers need to ascertain whether their pay practices are compliant with pay equity laws and whether they can prove compliance should they be audited by the Pay Equity Commission. Our team helps educate employers about their obligations, the audits conducted by the Pay Equity Commission and the potential financial liability for their organization arising from non-compliant pay practices. 

If employers are non-compliant (or unable to prove that they are compliant), they will need to put together an action plan so that they can establish their compliance status and, hopefully, limit past liabilities if they are audited.

We provide strategies to ascertain compliance and a roadmap on how to address any compliance concerns.

Our Execution package

Employers need to document their compliance status to be able to respond to a pay equity audit, have control over the process, and manage costs while limiting past liabilities. Failure to properly document the pay equity process and have a pay equity plan in place puts an employer at risk.  We help you avoid that risk.

To learn more about our fixed fee offerings for your business’ pay equity needs, download your choice of the preventative package or the under audit package.