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Staying Union Free


Unionization can have major impacts on your business and impede your organization's ability to be productive and flexible, and to compete and thrive. The way an employer prepares for and responds to threats of unionization can make or break its relations with employees, goodwill with consumers and ultimately the success of the business.


As Canada’s leading Labour & Employment law firm, Fasken has developed fixed fee solutions to help.


With the advantage of cost certainty, we’ll work with you to help your business:

  • Avoid unionization
  • Comply with all legal requirements and restrictions
  • Become educated and aware of the risk factors
  • Have the necessary tools at your disposal, to be able to respond immediately to a union drive
  • Take control of the process
  • Create a strategic plan to legally convince employees to stay union free

Fasken’s range of fixed fee packages are developed to suit your business’ needs

We have packages that are appropriate for your particular circumstances: from a general or ongoing concern about union prevention through to an active union organizing drive; from small organizations to large and complex ones; and from a peaceful work environment to one where there are hostile relations between employer and union.

We can provide a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s union risks, the key tools and training you need to be able to respond immediately when union organizing becomes active, and recommendations to help you fend off a union drive.

To learn more about our fixed fee offerings for your business’ union needs, download our Staying Union Free overview to help you choose the right package.