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Workers' Compensation


Many employers struggle with avoidable costs relating to workers’ compensation, from the length of time a worker remains off work through to navigating complex policies & procedures and the appeal process. This is further amplified for employers with several claims at once, as it can be challenging to determine which to prioritize and whether to appeal certain decisions. The risk of incorrectly prioritizing or mishandling the claims and appeal process can be extremely costly.

As Canada’s leading Labour & Employment law firm, we’ve developed fixed fee solutions to help.

With the advantage of cost certainty from a range of fixed fee packages, our experienced team will work with your business to:

  • Review your WSIB portfolio
  • Make suggestions for potential cost recovery and prioritize which claims to pursue
  • Provide representation at the Appeals Branch, for cases taken forward, and at the WSIAT, for cases that continue beyond the WSIB
  • Make recommendations on how to revamp your business’ approach to WSIB claims, to retake control of the process

To learn more about our fixed fee offerings for your WSIB needs, download our workers’ compensation overview to help you choose the right package.