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Pricing and Distribution

Distribution contracts, supply contracts and similar such agreements along with various pricing and distribution practices, may be the subject of criminal prosecution and/or private civil Court action or be reviewed by the Canadian Competition Tribunal under the civil reviewable practices provisions of the Canadian Competition Act or by the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal under the appeal provisions of the English Competition Act and the Enterprise Act. The criminal provisions of the Canadian and English legislation include those governing conspiracies, price maintenance, price discrimination, disproportionate promotional allowances, predatory pricing, geographic price discrimination, and in Canada, those relating to certain agreements between federal financial institutions. Reviewable practices generally involve abuse of dominance and non-price vertical restraints of trade, including exclusive dealing arrangements, territorial restraints or market restrictions, tying arrangements, and the refusal to supply a customer. We have extensive experience in advising clients in respect of pricing and distribution issues, and representing clients before the Canadian Competition Bureau, Canadian Competition Tribunal, UK Competition Commission and UK Competition Appeal Tribunal in respect of such matters.
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