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Booming demand for health care is pushing the public health care sector to provide patients with more for less. More access, more solutions and more choice but at lower costs. At the same time, private health sector providers are seeking to help meet those needs and to fill the gaps. Fasken Martineau’s Health Law group is a multidisciplinary team of health law experts schooled in the complexities of health care delivery, administration, technology and regulation.

Our Clients

Both public and private health sector organizations turn to our team for help. Our not-for-profit clients include numerous hospitals, regional health authorities, research institutes, long-term care homes, health care agencies and clinics, health charities, base hospitals, health care professionals and their organizations, and regulatory colleges in the health care and life sciences sector. Our for-profit clients include pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, medical laboratories, medical research and development organizations, and private hospitals and clinics.

Our Expertise

  • Compliance with the Canada Health Act, the Health Insurance Act and related statutes
  • Privacy and confidentiality of medical records, personal health information, and access to information issues
  • Hospital operations and integration matters
  • Private and public health care delivery
  • Occupational health and safety, including workplace safety and insurance
  • Ancillary revenue streams
  • Governance, including board development, by-laws and policies, stakeholder relations
  • Procurement and supply chain issues
  • Professional and college regulatory matters

Primary Contacts

+1 416 865 5166
+1 604 631 3180
+1 403 261 5357
+1 514 397 5282