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Defence Construction Canada (DCC) has released an Advance Procurement Notice (NPP) for Solicitation No. WA-NCR-2020-25_REL for construction programs for fiscal years 20/21 through to 24/25

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Procurement Bulletin

Defence Construction Canada (DCC) has released an Advance Procurement Notice (NPP) (link available in Chrome only) for Solicitation No. WA-NCR-2020-25_REL for construction programs for fiscal years 20/21 through to 24/25. 

RELIABILITY personnel and DESIGNATED ORGANIZATION SCREENING (DOS) at the level of RELIABILITY clearances will be required for all consultants, contractors and their sub-consultants and sub-contractors. Potential bidders who do not currently meet these requirements can apply to the Industrial Security Program (ISP) for clearances. DCC is an approved sponsor under the ISP.

Applicants should be aware that as of the publication date, government services related to the Contract Security Program (CSP) continue to be delayed. Up-to-date information can be accessed here: Public Services and Procurement Canada.

ISP Backgrounder

Government of Canada information is subject to data and information protection requirements. The ISP is responsible for granting the necessary security clearances to contractors and their subcontractors for access to Government of Canada information designated as PROTECTED or higher. Key requirements include:

  • individual and facility security clearances must be received in advance of any access to government information;
  • individual and facility security clearance must match the level of security assigned to the information being accessed;
  • security clearances cannot be extended, transferred, or assigned between organizations;
  • site-specific Document Safeguarding Capability (DSC) security clearance is required for organizations that handle government information or assets at their facilities;
  • IT systems that will receive, store, and process government information must be approved in advance;
  • foreign-based employees accessing government information at Canadian facilities must obtain a visitor screening approval in advance;
  • foreign-based employees accessing government information from locations outside of Canada require security clearances, as does the facility within which they are working;
  • subcontractors who will receive, process, store or access government information are subject to all of the same assessments and requirements as are the prime contractors (those holding the contract with the Canadian government) and must possess a valid security clearance for each contract; and
  • prime contractors remain solely responsible (and liable) for the subcontractors compliance with the ISP

Compliance with the ISP is a material requirement for any government contract having a security requirement. Failure to comply with the ISP can result in suspension or termination of security clearances. The termination of security clearances is considered to be a breach of contract, which entitles the government to terminate the contract for default.

With the increasing attention being paid to cybersecurity and data protection, companies will find they are now subject to more stringent security requirements. Whether you are currently registered in the ISP or seeking to do so, understanding the requirements of the ISP is critical to your ability to successfully bid for federal government work.

If you currently have personnel working from home, please see our recent article titled, Why 'Work from Home' May Not Work for Federal Contractors at Home on issues to consider with respect to the ISP and the Controlled Goods Program.

For additional information or assistance with navigating the Industrial Security Program requirements, please contact Marcia Mills.

Marcia Mills is co-leader of the Fasken National Security Group and counsel for procurement, government contracts, trade and information technology in Fasken's Ottawa office. With over 20 years of private and public sector experience, she provides clients with legal and strategic advice for all aspects of government contracting and national security issues, including the Contract Security Program and the Controlled Goods Program. She can be reached at


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