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Media Coverage quotes Costa Ragas in an article on emerging technology service offering

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“Fasken’s Emerging Tech Group Launches SaaS Platform for Legal Services” by Steve La Barbera quotes Montréal lawyer, Costa Ragas, in an article on emerging technology service offering.

Many Canadian entrepreneurs know that Fasken was one of the first law firms to develop a service offering for emerging tech companies. In Montreal they have been at it for close to 10 years. Today, Costa Ragas is a Partner in Fasken’s M&A and Emerging Tech Group working with exciting companies bringing innovation to the world in form of MedTech, AI, Blockchain and more. He recalls the story of how they came up with this innovative idea.

“Initially our practise was getting a number of pre-incorporation clients. When I was in my second year one of my partners came to me with a dozen companies we had to incorporate, which involved filling out a number of government forms, and organizing them which means director resolutions, share certificates and so on. This is monotonous work, but you have to get it done. I remember thinking to myself, I think a machine could do this faster and better.” says Ragas who worked as a web designer during his college years. “So instead of spending that weekend incorporating these businesses, I designed a prototype of a product that could handle this kind of work on its own.”