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The Globe and Mail quotes Geoff Cowper in an article on Mark Andrews and his work

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“Lawyer Mark Andrews won a landmark victory for equality in Canada” by Sean Fine, The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail quotes Vancouver lawyer Geoff Cowper in an article on Mark Andrews and his work.

To Geoffrey Cowper, a Vancouver lawyer who represented Mr. Andrews, those arguments exemplified a “genteel” form of discrimination. “We take pride in being Canadians, and the dark side is we can quite readily accept discrimination against people seeking to become Canadians, or new Canadians.”

Mr. Andrews, he said, showed courage in fighting for what he believed in.

“His courage was as a new person who wanted to belong, to be accepted, to say, ‘This is unfair, I don’t think I should have to wait, I think I can be as good a lawyer as the next person.’”