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Media Coverage quotes Rosemary Hunter in an article on Eskom’s debt

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“Eskom’s debt is a double-edged sword” by Ruan Jooste, quotes Johannesburg lawyer Rosemary Hunter in an article on Eskom’s debt.

Fasken pension funds lawyer Rosemary Hunter says that using retirement savings to bail out Eskom is of course a concern, but what else can the government do?

“It has to keep the lights on to keep the economy going and to avoid a jobs bloodbath. If it goes pear-shaped it will cut the defence, health, education, etc budgets. So we will all hurt. But what is the alternative?”

Hunter says that as a general principle, everyone who has income has to support more people. But if the economy tanks and we are all deprived of income-earning opportunities, we all starve.


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