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Ben di Marco Chief Technology Officer

Ben Di Marco

Chief Technology Officer Fasken
Creating advantages through IT solutions that are simple, efficient and easily integrated.
Language(s) French, English
Office(s) Montréal


Ben is the Chief Technology Officer at Fasken. He’s transforming our IT infrastructure by leading a collaborative process that encourages imagination and efficiency.


Ben believes that everyone using law firm technology  - clients, internal stakeholders and business partners  - should have high expectations of its value and function. He works with his team to align those expectations with measurable results.


With more than 25 years’ experience working with the largest firms in Canada, Ben understands the value of setting a positive example and providing support as large projects evolve. His skills include cross-functional collaboration, crisis management and project management.


Ben earned bachelor’s degree in economics from Concordia University in 1991. He is pursuing an MSc in strategic planning from the Edinburgh Business School and often speaks about law firm IT solutions at professional conferences and webinars, including those presented by ITLA.