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PLEASE NOTE: For everyone’s safety, Fasken requires anyone on-site at our Canadian and Johannesburg offices to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. This applies to lawyers, staff, clients, service providers and other visitors.



Working at Fasken during vacation offers law students an opportunity to become familiar with the firm and vice versa. We limit the number of students to ensure that you and your peers will have enough guidance and feedback, and to tailor work towards your interests. You can start applying for vacation work from your second year of studies.

Throughout the vacation term, you’ll be invited to participate in formal training sessions for students, general seminars for lawyers and to participate in other firm meetings and events.

Many of our current lawyers first joined the firm as vacation students, and many were recipients of the firm’s scholarship program.



Fasken offers a full scholarship for the penultimate year of law school.
The following criteria must be met to qualify for the scholarship:
• Students must be registered for their penultimate year of law school
• Maintain a minimum average of 65% and over for years of study completed prior to application
• Participation in vacation work programmes offered by the firm
• The candidate must be a person who has the potential to become an effective attorney at Fasken. He or she must demonstrate leadership, take an interest in the community or in community issues and be self-motivated.

Unless the student fails one or more subjects, the scholarship is likely to continue into the individual’s final year of studies.

Once a scholarship recipient has successfully graduated, he or she will be required to accept articles of clerkship at Fasken, if offered. Should the recipient decline the offer, the entire scholarship amount must be paid back to the firm in full.


The articling program in our Johannesburg office provides law students with exciting opportunities to gain skills and to learn from some of the best lawyers in South Africa, Canada and around the globe. You can start applying for articles from your second year of studies.

We accept as many articling students as we can realistically hire on as associates after the term is complete. There will always be a place for students who have worked hard and developed the acumen to become lawyers at the firm.

We consider candidates with any undergraduate degree plus LLB, a four-year LLB or an LLM.

When you article at Fasken, you’ll enjoy being part of a team with broad interests and you’ll meet clients from all backgrounds. You’ll be encouraged to join firm activities and be exposed to a variety of in-house training programs and seminars, right from your first day at the firm.


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