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Bulletin | Federal Election 2021

#Election44 Saturday Round Up – September 11, 2021

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Government Relations Bulletin

Welcome to the #Election44 Saturday round up, where we take stock of this week’s news on Canada’s 44th federal election. Before we jump into the round up, here is a look at what happened on the campaign trail on Friday.

Annamie Paul Highlights the Green Party Platform and the Importance of Vaccines

Green Party leader Annamie Paul was in Ottawa on Friday highlighting her party’s platform, released earlier this week. In her formal remarks, Paul stated that the platform is about ensuring that Canada is daring on key issues facing the country, including climate change, social programs, and reconciliation. She also stated that the platform is about ensuring Canada takes a leadership role on the world stage on those issues. “It’s time for us to be daring,” Paul said, “it’s time for us to take the next great leap forward.”

Bloc Québécois Says it is the Only Party That Will Defend Quebec

Following yesterday’s English language debate, in which the debate moderator asked a question regarding Quebec’s Bill 21, the Act respecting the laicity of the State (Loi sur la laïcité de l'État), the Bloc Québécois stated that it is the only party that will defend Quebec’s values. “Yesterday’s debate in English demonstrated the hostility and assumed contempt for the values of Quebecers,” the Bloc Québécois posted on Twitter. “Our leader @yfblanchet was the only one to defend the interests of Quebec with accuracy...Because that’s what we do in the #BlocQc.” Conservative leader Erin O’Toole also addressed the issue on Friday, Tweeting in French that, “Quebecers are not racist, and I reject the premise of the question asked in the debate last night. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the commitment... not to challenge the laws passed by the National Assembly or any other province.” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau also responded, stating that, while he is not in favour of Bill 21, “it is wrong to suggest that Quebecers are racist.”

Trudeau Highlights Liberal Health Care Commitments

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was in Hamilton on Friday highlighting his party’s health care plan. The plan, according to the Liberal Party’s platform, includes the hiring of 7,500 new frontline health care workers, including family doctors. “We’ve put forward a $25 billion plan, over the coming years, that is going to invest in more primary care physicians, more primary care teams, nurses, better access for families, for individuals to have family doctors,” Trudeau said at the campaign stop. The Liberal leader also highlighted his party’s pledge to invest $6 billion to end waitlists created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

O’Toole Highlights His Canada Recovery Plan

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole was in Mississauga on Friday promoting his platform and contrasting his vision for the country to that of the Liberals.  “Four weeks ago I released Canada’s Recovery Plan. A clear, and detailed set of promises, of commitments, to get Canada back on track. To recover a million jobs. To tackle Canada’s mental health crisis with a new Mental Health action plan. To protect the health of Canadians with nearly $60 billion for health care over the next ten years. To build a million new homes.”

The Conservative leader asserted that Justin Trudeau called the election for no reason other than to regain a majority in the House of Commons. “I expected Mr. Trudeau to engage on ideas for the future, to provide some vision - any vision - for the country. Like many Canadians, I was disappointed. What have we seen from Mr. Trudeau instead? Acting like he was entitled to a majority. No agenda for the future. No positivity.” O’Toole concluded by saying that Canadians have a choice, “Canada’s Recovery Plan, or more of the same.”

NDP Continues to Allege Liberal Inaction

The NDP continued to position itself as an alternative to the Liberals on Friday, issuing a series of media releases aiming to highlight alleged Liberal inaction on key issues.  The releases criticized the Liberal Party’s track record on climate change, ending drinking water advisories in First Nations communities, universal pharmacare, affordable housing, and making the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. “Justin Trudeau has spent the campaign like he spent the last six years – saying the right things but having no interest in following through. Canadians have stopped believing him,” New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh said in a media release. “If Justin Trudeau wanted to follow through on his commitments, like clean drinking water to First Nations and making life more affordable for families across Canada, he had the chance.”

The Round Up: Campaign News From Earlier This Week

#Election44 Daily Update – Friday, September 10, 2021

  • O’Toole highlights foreign policy and human rights
  • Green Party highlights emission reduction plan
  • Trudeau continues to push mandatory vaccine messaging
  • The NDP aims to highlight liberal inaction
  • The Bloc Québécois calls for greater support of regions outside of metropolitan areas
  • Postmedia-Leger poll has the conservatives and liberals tied

#Election44 Daily Update – Thursday, September 9, 2021

  • Green Party highlights universal child care commitment
  • Singh pushes affordable housing message
  • O’Toole announces new “Dine and Discover Program”
  • The Liberal Party highlights its culture and official languages policy
  • The Bloc Québécois to introduce new legislation regulating investments in fossil fuels
  • Angus Reid and Ipsos have the conservatives ahead

#Election44 Daily Update – Wednesday, September 8, 2021

  • Green Party launches its platform
  • Blanchet responds to the English Montreal School Board’s request to the federal government that the constitutionality of Quebec’s Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec, be referred to the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Trudeau highlights key Quebec issues in Montreal
  • Singh highlights Trudeau’s climate track record
  • O’Toole announces plan to allow foreign competition in the telecommunications market
  • Liberals nudge ahead of Conservatives, according to Nanos

#Election44 Daily Update – Tuesday, September 7, 2021

  • O’Toole pledges to increase the Canada Workers Benefit
  • Trudeau pledges to extend the Canada Recovery Hiring Program
  • Singh highlights paid sick leave and day care
  • Blanchet outlines key priorities for workers

#Election44 Daily Update – Monday, September 6, 2021

  • The Bloc Québécois announces it will run a carbon-neutral campaign
  • Trudeau focuses on assault weapons ban
  • O’Toole supports vaccine passports and will partner with provinces to make them national; other leaders also support national vaccine passports
  • Singh outlines dental care plan
  • The Liberals and Conservatives are in a statistical tie in a new poll, according to Abacus

#Election44 Daily Update – Sunday, September 5, 2021

  • #Election44 takes a closer look at the promised approaches to lobbying regulation

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