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Bulletin | Federal Election 2021

Election44 Saturday Round Up – September 4, 2021

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Government Relations Bulletin

Welcome to the #Election44 Saturday round up, where we take stock of this week’s news on Canada’s 44th federal election. Before we jump into the round up, here is a look at what happened on the campaign trail on Friday.

Blanchet Outlines a Plan To Support Quebec’s Agricultural Industry

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet on Friday continued to outline how he would support key sectors of the Quebec economy by announcing his plan to support Quebec’s farmers. According to a Bloc Québécois media release, the party will advocate for Quebec’s agricultural sector in Parliament by: 

  • Introducing a bill to protect supply management in future trade agreements;
  • Calling for greater provincial control of the temporary foreign worker program; and
  • Advocating for funding to support green innovation in agricultural practices.

Trudeau Highlights the Need for Mandatory Vaccines

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was in Mississauga on Friday highlighting the need for mandatory vaccines for travellers on planes and trains. Last week, the Liberal leader pledged to fund provincial vaccine passports for provinces that implement mandatory vaccine requirements for non-essential businesses and public spaces.

Singh Outlines His Quebec Platform

New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh was in Quebec City on Friday with his Deputy Leader and Quebec Lieutenant, Alexandre Boulerice, to outline his Quebec platform, “Oser ensemble.” Singh pledged to increase health transfers to the province, and recognize Quebec as a nation. While the NDP’s media release stated that the party would increase the federal health transfer to “meet the Quebec government’s request” - which includes covering 35% of provincial health costs without conditions - Singh would not commit to these demands during his media availability. The NDP platform also pledges to:

  • Enable Quebec to “integrate the Canadian constitutional framework;”
  • Ensure that infrastructure projects “that could have an environmental impact” are subject to Quebec’s environmental assessment procedure;
  • “[F]ormally consult” Quebec on all international trade agreements; and
  • Require businesses under federal jurisdiction in Quebec to comply with Quebec’s Charter of the French language.

Conservatives Announce Gun Control Plan

From Montreal, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole outlined his plan to tackle gang violence on Friday. O’Toole pledged to amend the Criminal Code to make it easier for police and prosecutors to “go after gang networks, and unauthorized imports of guns.” O’Toole also said he would work with the CBSA, RCMP and US authorities to tackle illegal gun smuggling before weapons cross the border, and would impose a mandatory minimum sentence of two years for the unauthorized possession of a firearm.

The announcement comes after Prime Minister Trudeau criticized O’Toole for planning to scrap the Liberal Party’s assault rifle ban during Thursday night’s TVA debate. While O’Toole reiterated on Friday that he would maintain the ban on assault weapons, the Conservative platform pledges to “start by repealing C-71 [An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms], and the May 2020 Order in Council.” The only relevant May 2020 Order in Council is P.C. 2020-298, which made the Regulations Amending the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted, SOR/2020-96, that bans 1506 makes and models of assault weapons including grenade launchers, rocket launchers, mortars, missile launchers, and anti-tank rifles.

Conservatives Extend Lead in Nanos’ Nightly Tracking

The Conservatives continue to build on their lead in public opinion polling, according to the latest Nanos Nightly Tracking numbers. The national three-day rolling survey found that, as of September 2, the Conservatives would win 35.7% of the vote; the Liberals 30.7%; the NDP 18.3%; the Bloc Québécois 5.5%; the People’s Party of Canada 4.8% and the Green Party 4.5%.

The Round Up: Campaign News From Earlier This Week

#Election44 Daily Update – Friday, September 3, 2021

  • Federal leaders descend on Montreal for TVA debate
  • Trudeau highlights ‘Rent-to-Own’ program
  • Singh rallies supporters ahead of the debate
  • O’Toole highlights trade approach
  • Conservative lead widens according to Nanos daily tracking

#Election44 Daily Update – Thursday, September 2, 2021

  • Conservatives announce infrastructure plan
  • Annamie Paul calls for the decriminalization of illegal drugs
  • Singh continues to push affordable housing message
  • Blanchet pledges to support Quebec’s Bill 96
  • Liberals launch platform with $78 billion in new spending
  • Ipsos has Conservatives narrowly edging out Liberals in a close race

#Election44 Daily Update – Wednesday, September 1, 2021

  • Annamie Paul discusses food security
  • Blanchet calls on federal leaders not to interfere with Quebec’s Bill 21
  • O’Toole pledges to balance the budget over the next decade
  • Singh continues to highlight affordable housing as a priority
  • Trudeau announces mental health plan
  • A poll for everyone: National polls depict a range of storylines, from a tight race between the Liberals and Conservatives, to a significant Conservative lead

#Election44 Daily Update – Tuesday, August 31, 2021

  • Bloc Québécois leader outlines immigration integration strategy
  • Trudeau announces plan to protect rivers and lakes
  • O’Toole announces animal welfare plan
  • Singh pledges to invest in public sector workers to close tax loopholes
  • Ekos Politics Daily Tracker gives Conservatives a lead

#Election44 Daily Update – Monday, August 30, 2021

  • Blanchet outlines arts and culture policy
  • Singh pledges to eliminate interest on student loans
  • O’Toole discusses affordability and outlines job creation plan
  • Trudeau announces climate action plan
  • Conservatives continue to make gains in national polls

#Election44 Daily Update – Sunday, August 29, 2021

  • #Election44 takes a closer look at the frequently discussed topic of employer mandatory vaccination policies

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