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Energy in Transition: Meeting the Net-Zero Target Challenge

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Energy in Transition: Meeting the Net-Zero Target Challenge

As Canada and other governments around the world grapple with net-zero emissions targets, the energy sector and energy-dependent businesses are adapting their strategies and business models to find opportunities in the face of emerging technologies, rapidly changing policy, and a wave of new products and services.

However, setting net-zero emission targets is not the sole domain of governments. Businesses continue to recognize their social responsibilities and, as such, many have started to develop their own net-zero emissions targets and strategies to reach those targets. There is considerable work to be done within the energy sector and with energy-dependent businesses in pursuit of those targets. From budgets, policy and regulation, to energy sub-sectors such as renewables, hydrogen and renewable natural gas, Fasken’s Global Energy Group, through a series of thought provoking bulletins, reports, webinars and podcasts, takes a look at the challenges and opportunities associated with meeting these net-zero targets.

Energy in Transition Themes

Fasken Insights

Tracking Hydrogen series in concert with Energy Voice

With its varied applications, Hydrogen is increasingly endorsed as the answer to almost any energy transition question. But, what is the reality of this fuel to play a major role in meeting the Net-Zero Emissions Target? Working with Energy Voice to bring you a series of webinars, podcasts and editorials, Fasken panelists, as well as other senior executives from the global energy sector, explore the hydrogen question.

Session 4 - Where next?

Session 3 - Policy and COP 26 Reflection

Session 2 - Projects, Infrastructure & Finance

Session 1 - Making the Market


Africa Rising - Special Report on the Continent's Energy

Africa Rising is a special Fasken report focusing on the unique energy opportunities of the continent. The report, which spans the energy spectrum, contains content from lawyers in our Johannesburg, London and Canadian offices as well as from valued clients and industry colleagues.



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