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Fasken Welcomes Litigation & Dispute Resolution Partner Kase Mahlaku

Q: Tell us more about your experience?
A: Kase Mahlaku – I love the law and working with clients. I have accumulated more than 13 years of working with and advising clients on various legal matters, from drafting legal documents including pleadings, notices, applications, and opinions. I have experience in managing litigation matters from inception to execution, including running trials, arbitrations, and hearings in other dispute resolution tribunals. When it comes to court work, my experience is across the full suite of courts from magistrate, high court, supreme court and constitutional court cases. I also advise clients in business rescue, restructurings, turnaround strategies and liquidations.

Q: What industry experience do you have?
A: Kase Mahlaku – I have been fortunate to have experience across various industries. I have worked as in-house legal counsel. With that came the experience of working across industries, including financial services, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, chemicals and industrial products, mining, textiles, transport and services sectors.

Q: From your experience, given the complex risk and compliance landscape businesses navigate, what tips can you share for our readers as they continue to navigate Red Flags?
A: Kase Mahlaku – We operate in an ever-changing regulatory and compliance space; and clients are tackling complex challenges and navigating business risks. POPIA is one example where many organisations can fall short. Keeping sight of the legislative updates both locally and internationally is so important. From my side I encourage our readers to be on the lookout for the insights that many of our articles provide as they relate to navigating disputes and managing business risks. I look forward to discussing with clients challenges they face and ways to practically navigate these challenges.

Q: Share with our readers about what you are passionate about?
A: Kase Mahlaku - I believe in the power of mentorship. I am a supporter of mentorship programs and have a passion for career development for the youth, including running mentorship workshops and advocating for youth skills development. Beyond this, I am an avid singer and listener of choral music, and I don’t shy away from a soccer game.

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