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Preparing Your Business for Economic Fluctuations : Strategies and Legal Considerations

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Economic Fluctuations: Are You Ready? Read our Guide

After more than two turbulent years of a pandemic, global geopolitical conflicts, a serious economic downturn followed by a series of record rebounds in public and private financial markets, the business community has had to adapt its risk management repeatedly through these exceptional situations. In this context, companies face and will continue to face major challenges.

To help you easily adapt your business practices, better understand the legal consequences of the economic situation on your business and make informed decisions, Fasken has developed the guide “Preparing your Business for Economic Fluctuations” (PDF, 2,87 mb), which answers your main questions. This guide explains key elements to consider in your strategic planning or in the ordinary course of your business.



Looking to the Future

To help you to navigate more wisely in this context, we have identified seven main themes that are presented as questions:

  1. How can you manage future interest rate fluctuations?

  2. What are the impacts on public companies and their boards of directors?

  3. Mergers, acquisitions and capital markets: what are the legal considerations in a context of economic fluctuations?

  4. How can you adapt your contractual arrangements to the economic situation?

  5. How do you optimize your real estate leases?

  6. Is it essential to protect your intellectual property during this period?

  7. How do you build labour and employment relationships in a hiring freeze?

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