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Dealmaking in the Downturn

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Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA) Presentation

Are economic headwinds and geopolitical unrest propelling us into a rocky start to 2023?

Should businesses continue to push forward their deals in a turbulent economy?

In this webinar hosted by the CVCA, our experts Jonathan Halwagi, Caitlin Rose, Shahrooz Nabavi, Jon Conlin, Angela Onesi, Stuart Brotman and Karen Sargeant discuss the issues that can affect dealmaking in a difficult economy in this seminar, such as those relating to M&A, fundraising, financing, workforce, restructuring and governance. Our panelists will help you to navigate these challenges and explore strategies on how to get the deal done in a downturn. 

To learn more about topics in the seminar, or for assistance, please contact one of our expert panel members.



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