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Shareholder Activism in Canada: The Legal Framework

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Fasken is pleased to release its guide on Shareholder Activism in Canada: The Legal Framework (PDF).

Shareholder activism is now firmly entrenched in the Canadian corporate landscape, and Canada has proven fertile ground for dissidents.

To assist both target companies and activists, we’ve prepared a concise overview of key tactics and related legal considerations fundamental to shareholder activism in Canada.

We’ve also tackled these issues from a practical perspective, highlighting both the offensive strategies available to activists as well as the defensive tactics available to targets.

Download for insight on the different proxy battle maneuvers both sides can expect – and should prepare for – during an activist campaign.

You can also reach out to any of the authors (or other members of Fasken’s Capital Markets and M&A group): we are here to help.

Public companies and their directors will also benefit from our Directors' Handbook: Shareholder Activism, which focuses specifically on strategies available to boards looking to bolster their defences against dissident campaigns.

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