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The Lawyers Daily quotes Peter Feldberg, Alex Cameron and Karl Delwaide in an article on Jennifer Stoddart joining the Firm

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“Ex-privacy commissioner Stoddart joins Fasken privacy and cybersecurity group” by John Chunn, The Lawyers Daily

The Lawyers Daily quotes Calgary lawyer, Peter Feldberg, and Montréal lawyers, Alex Cameron and Karl Delwaide, in an article on Jennifer Stoddart joining the Firm.

“Jennifer is one of the best-known names, known to regulators and organizations around the world, in the increasingly important area of privacy law,” said Peter Feldberg, managing partner. “As an international leader in privacy, she can provide exceptional guidance and advice to our clients.”

“Jennifer understands the importance of balancing privacy rights with the need of organizations and governments to process personal information,” said Alex Cameron, the leader of the firm’s privacy and cybersecurity group. Seasoned privacy lawyer and Montreal partner Karl Delwaide added “Her work on the international stage has firmly established Canada as a respected global leader in privacy.”