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Canadian Lawyer Magazine quotes Brook Greenberg in an article on the Law Society of British Columbia bencher elections

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“Voting in B.C. bencher election underway” by Aidan Macnab, Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Canadian Lawyer Magazine quotes Vancouver lawyer, Brook Greenberg, in an article on the Law Society of British Columbia bencher elections.

Brook Greenberg is chair of the LSBC’s mental health task force; he has served as a bencher since 2016 and is running for one of Vancouver’s 11 open bencher seats. The most challenging issue the regulator faces is “always” access to justice, says the Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP partner. The dilemma with which Greenberg says he and his fellow benchers are confronted is striking a balance between ensuring services are delivered appropriately and competently, and encouraging innovation.

“We get criticism either way,” he says. “If we implement regulations that are meant to ensure sufficient competency and to protect the public generally, were accused of stifling innovation and access. If we seek to expand access through liberalizing who and how services can be provided, we’re accused of not sufficiently protecting the public. So it's a bit of a double-edged sword, no matter what.”