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Novera Khan Ottawa Student

Novera Khan

Candidate in the Licencing Process Fasken
Language(s) English
Office(s) Ottawa
Novera Khan graduated from the Canadian & American Dual J.D. program at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and the Detroit Mercy School of Law. She earned her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Economics from the University of Toronto, where she graduated with Distinction and was the recipient of several prestigious leadership awards.

While pursuing her legal education, Novera volunteered at Community Legal Aid and at the Federal Pro Se Clinic housed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. During her second year of law school, she completed a legal internship at a national non-profit public-interest organization in Detroit and worked part-time for a sole-practitioner in Windsor.

Novera has extensive extra-curricular experience. She held executive positions in various clubs at law school and served as a Business Associate for Windsor Law’s Journal. She was an active participant in the competitive mooting program – the highlight of her mooting experience was receiving awards for Best Closing Argument and Best Team at the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association Cup.

Novera enjoys following politics and keeping up with legislative changes and policy developments. She received a Book Award from Detroit Mercy Law for authoring a paper regarding the U.S. Congressional Oversight of social media. Her paper touching on the professional and ethical obligations of lawyers in the political arena was selected to be presented at the Annual Canadian Law Student Conference.

She will also serve as a Member-at-Large of the Canadian Bar Association’s Constitutional and Human Rights Section and International Law Section this year.

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