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Université du Québec à Montréal c. SÉTUE

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Confidential Client

This mandate arose out of a labour conflict between UQAM and SÉTUE during which SÉTUE launched an unlimited general strike during the end-of-semester examination period. From the first day of the strike there were several incidents on campus that paralyzed UQAM, which has approximately 40,000 students registered. Access to several UQAM pavilions was blocked and some students were unable to write their final exams. Some confrontations also degenerated into pushing and shoving matches. The goal was to enable UQAM to pursue its activities normally in the short term during the examination period. Thirty-six (36) hours after receiving the mandate, and after almost 6 hours of arguments and deliberation, the Superior Court granted the provisional injunction order, the whole according to the terms and conditions proposed by UQAM including: • Maximum of three (3) picketers or demonstrators at least five (5) metres away from access to the pavilions; • Prohibited from preventing in any way any person from freely accessing the pavilions; • Ordered SÉTUE to inform its members about the injunction order by email and by posting it on its web site and on the SÉTUE Facebook page; • Ordered each member of the SÉTUE Executive to post the injunction order on their own personal Facebook page. The order was renewed two (2) times, thus enabling UQAM to pursue its activities normally until the dispute was settled.



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