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Settlement of labour conflict at Aluminerie de Bécancour ( ABI ) – Alcoa and Rio Tinto

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Alcoa and Rio Tinto

We acted on behalf of Alcoa and Rio Tinto on several related mandates:

  1. Fasken acted as spokesperson for Aluminerie de Bécancour (Alcoa and Rio Tinto) for the renewal of the collective agreement in the longest and most prominent labour conflict in Quebec in 2018 and 2019 (an 18-month lock-out affecting 1,000 employees). Fasken represented ABI during the negotiations, conciliation and mediation process. The labour dispute was highly publicized in the media. The Québec Premier, François Legault, the Québec Labour Minister, Jean Boulet, and a special mediator, former Québec Premier Lucien Bouchard were involved in the matter. The conflict was successfully resolved with the ratification in July 2019 of the Company’s final offer providing for a six-year collective agreement with the necessary modifications to ensure efficiency and productivity of the smelter.
  2. Before and after the successful resolution of the 18-month labour conflict, Fasken was tasked, among other mandates, with preparing the return to work of employees by drafting and implementing numerous policies and procedures to prevent potential issues following such an extensive conflict. Policies and procedures concerning the use of drugs and alcohol, harassment in the workplace, rules of conduct, attendance, social media, public statements, work accidents, and electronic devices, just to name a few, were implemented and are for the most part being challenged in court by the Union.  Fasken has also been asked to handle these complaints.

A Fasken team led by Ronald McRobie including and Stéphane Fillion, Élaine Léger, Valérie Gareau-Dalpé, Deborah Furtado, Raphaël Buruiana, Alexis Charpentier is acting on of Alcoa and Rio Tinto in connection with this matter.



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